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  • Aloe & Avocado
    Aloe & Avocado $6.00 Add To Cart
    Live Pure brings you a soothing blend of ripe Avocados and fresh Aloe Vera juice. Rich in antioxidants, high Oleic acid and Omega 9, this moisturizing blend will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated.  Ingredients:...
  • Apple Spice
    Apple Spice $6.00 Add To Cart
    Live Pure brings you our very special sweet aroma of crisp ripe apples with the rich and spicy smell of cinnamon, sure to warm the heart. Swirled with layers of Jojoba beads for gentle exfoliation. Ingredients: Saponified...
  • Cedarwood & Orange
    Cedarwood & Orange $6.00 Add To Cart
    The blend of Cedarwood and Orange essential oils help to shrink your pores while healing and protecting the skin. Infused with swirls of detoxifying Brazilian clays and mineral rich Sea salts, this Live Pure ensemble will...
  • Charcoal Salt
    Charcoal Salt $6.00
    This Live Pure blend combines the soft, relaxing scent of Lavender with swirls  of Activated  charcoal that act like a magnet to attract and absorb impurities from the skin while the detoxifying, mineral rich...
  • Charcoal Tea Tree
    Charcoal Tea Tree $6.00 Add To Cart
    This is our new Charcoal Tea Tree soap with antiseptic Tea tree essential oil and detoxifying activated Charcoal. It is great for sensitive skin, acne, face and body. Tea tree essential oil comes from the Melaleuca tree...
  • Cinnamon Orange
    Cinnamon Orange $6.00 Add To Cart
    This spicy citrus blend combines sweet Orange essential oil, toning Cinnamon leaf oil and swirls of exfoliating Cinnamon powder to unclog and open pores removing excess oil from the skin. Add Live Pures skin smoothing...
  • Cranberry Fig
    Cranberry Fig $6.00 Add To Cart
    Live Pure brings you the delightful blend of tart cranberry and the sweet, subtle, earthy scent of fig. Enticed with skin softening moisturizers this blend will gently cleanse, leaving you feeling soft and smooth...
  • Dead Sea Spa Bar
    Dead Sea Spa Bar $6.00 Add To Cart
    Live Pure brings you a mineral rich bar packed with Dead Sea Mud  which reduces excess oils and minimizes pores to reveal fresh soft skin. Highly absorbent  Sea Clay has been added to draw out oil from the skin...
  • Doublemint
    Doublemint $6.00 Add To Cart
    This energizing Live Pure Limited Run combines soothing and antiseptic Spearmint with cooling, vitamin rich Peppermint essential oils to create the perfect minty balance. Anti-bacterial properties work to eliminate harmful...
  • Eucalyptus Pine
    Eucalyptus Pine $6.00 Add To Cart
    This mineral rich Live Pure blend combines swirls of detoxifying Activated charcoal with soothing Sea clay to gently exfoliate all skin types. A rich combination of anti-inflammatory Eucalyptus, antiseptic Fir needle and...
  • Gardenia
    Gardenia $6.00 Add To Cart
    Walking through a heavenly garden filled with gardenia flowers, this blend is sure to take you to serenity. Used for centuries, White Kaolin clay gently exfoliates while stimulating circulation. Ingredients: Saponified oils...
  • Grapefruit & Lime
    Grapefruit & Lime $6.00 Add To Cart
    This Live Pure blend is sure to please the senses with a bright and uplifting essential oil combo. We have used our moisturizing  vegan oil base along with Sea salt to create an extra hard bar of soap. Bringing you the...
  • Hemp Bar
    Hemp Bar $6.00 Add To Cart
    In this Live Pure skin smoothing blend we use cold pressed Hemp seed oil as a main ingredient. This luxurious oil is loaded with Vitamen E, antioxidants and fatty acids that help build healthy skin cells. Hemp Bar is silky...
  • Honeysuckle
    Honeysuckle $6.00 Add To Cart
    This sweet blend combines the soft  scent of Honeysuckle with swirls of Yellow Brazilian clay to draw out dirt and oil leaving your skin naturally toned. Along with mineral rich Sea salt and our moisturizing base of...
  • Hydrating & Sweet
    Hydrating & Sweet $6.00 Add To Cart
    This Live Pure hydrating blend is carefully handcrafted with swirls of antioxidant rich locally sourced honey, deep cleansing molasses and gently exfoliating turbinado sugar. We have added mineral rich Sea salt to balance...
  • Lavender & Oatmeal
    Lavender & Oatmeal $6.00 Add To Cart
    Live Pures healing blend of antioxidant rich Oatmeal, calming Lavender and skin softening Sea salt will cleanse while the Oatmeal gently exfoliates removing dead  cells revealing clean and fresh skin. Ingredients:...