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Using a diffuser is an easy way to disperse scent to fill a room with the aromatherapy of your choice. You can choose from our variety of oil blends, customize an oil blend in our custom scented products section or use an oil of your choice.  Among their many benefits, oils can help energize or relax you, provide sinus and allergy relief and provide a safer alternative to candles and incense. Do you love having a fresh scent in your home but dislike the strong smell of an artificial air freshener? A diffuser is a great way to freshen up your home without overpowering the senses. As an added bonus, it does not rely on harmful chemicals. This diffuser has a 250 ml water reservoir and an optional light setting. Add several drops of oil. The aroma diffuser runs up to 9 hours with whisper quiet operation.


Material: PP,ABS

Capacity of water tank: 250ml 

Input: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ 

Output: DC 24V,0.65A

Package Includes:

1 Aroma Diffuser 

1 Wall Charger 

1  Measuring Cup for Filling Water 

1  User Manual

Working Modes

 Three Settings toggled by the Mist button (Green/Red/Off):

 Green - intermittent mist (Mist 30s and Pause 30s)

 Red - continuous mist

 Off- You may use it as a color changing light without mist

 Hold the mist/light button for 3s to turn off mist/light.