About Live Pure


  • Everything we make is handcrafted from scratch using extremely high quality, mostly food grade organic ingredients.
  • All our products are highly moisturizing and most are good for face and body, Live Pure believes in your skin as whole body.
  • We have 26 different blends of bar soap that contain our main blend of food grade organic oils carefully chosen for the right blend of moisture, cleansing quality and foam.
  • We add essential and fragrance oils, clays and oxides, sea salt, and other things you might find in your kitchen to our bar soap varieties.
  • Live Pure provides relief to people with eczema and other skin conditions from young to old. Our Rich Butter Bar, Cocoa Butter Lotion and Castile Shower gel have been the “go to” products for many people. They are not only healing, but they will provide immediate relief with no further irritation.
  • Live Pure is a NO PALM OIL company. Palm oil is a cheap filler oil that causes MASS deforestation and the reason for the near extinction of the orangutan. We choose to use ingredients that aren’t just gentle for your skin but to our incredible planet as well.
  • Our ingredient lists are about as short and honest as they get. From top to bottom you can read and understand the ingredients. If you’re unsure about any of these ingredients, you can email us on our website and Ill personally answer any questions that you may have.
  • All our liquids are TRUE soap products. Most Liquid soap products including those from so called ‘Natural’ soap companies use SLS and other cheap fillers. These are foaming agents not soap.  This is why they dry your skin out. Our liquids are truly moisturizing, gentle, soft and leave your skin feeling amazing!!!
  • Live Pure is a husband and wife owned and family run small business. We create and make all the products, we do all our own artwork and labeling, we build every aspect of every brick and fine tune every batch of mortar in order to bring you the highest quality, truest, safest, and most gentle products that exist.