Activated Charcoal Products

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  • Charcoal Facial Cleanser
    Charcoal Facial Cleanser $15.00 Add To Cart
    This is a unique Charcoal facial cleanser that is made with 100% Extra virgin Olive oil and packed with detoxifying activated charcoal which acts like a magnet for dirt and oil. This cleansing soap gel is great for oily or...
  • Charcoal Salt
    Charcoal Salt $6.00 Add To Cart
    This Live Pure blend combines the soft, relaxing scent of Lavender with swirls  of Activated  charcoal that act like a magnet to attract and absorb impurities from the skin while the detoxifying, mineral rich...
  • Eucalyptus Pine
    Eucalyptus Pine $6.00 Add To Cart
    This mineral rich Live Pure blend combines swirls of detoxifying Activated charcoal with soothing Sea clay to gently exfoliate all skin types. A rich combination of anti-inflammatory Eucalyptus, antiseptic Fir needle and...
  • Grapefruit & Lime
    Grapefruit & Lime $6.00 Add To Cart
    This Live Pure blend is sure to please the senses with a bright and uplifting essential oil combo. We have used our moisturizing  vegan oil base along with Sea salt to create an extra hard bar of soap. Bringing you the...